History, Aesthetics, Concepts and Practice in Photography

University of Calgary (Summer)

Perspectives in Plein Air: History of Landscape Art, Earth Art and Contemporary Art

Introduction to Traditional Photography Black/White

Photography Analog to Digital

Photography Intermediate 1 and 2

Constructing Realities in Photography

Aesthetics in the Age of Photography

University of Alberta (2009-2014)

Graduate Course: Intermedia and Conceptual Art

Video/Photography: In Contemporary Conceptual Art

Art and Posthumanism (Theory Course)

Graduate Seminar (Theory: Contemporary Art and Contemporary Issues)

Present Intermedia: Installation and Multimedia

Drawing/Intermedia: (Photography, Video, Performance) The Body

Intermedia: Future Environments (Photography, Video, Performance)

Intermedia: Ecology and Borders (Photography, Video, Performance)

Present Drawing/Intermedia Advanced Level (Photography, Video, Performance)

Graduate Course (Installation / Intermedia Studio) (Photography, Video, Performance)

Photography and Intermedia (Photography, Video, Performance)

Aesthetics in the Age of Photography (Summer Course)

Art Foundations

Painting II       

McMaster University (2007-2009)

Humanities Practicum (Mixed Media, Photography, Video)

Modernity/Postmodernity/Visuality (Cultural Studies)

Aesthetics in the Age of Photography (Cultural Studies)

McMaster University (2001-2003)

The Digital Image (Art History)

Drawing & Design (Art History)

The History of Graphic Design (Art History)

Computer Graphics & Narrative (Video, Web)

Canadian Art History

Visual Literacy: Introduction to Visual Culture

Visual Inquiry: Constructed Realities