Media Reviews

Antennae: Journal of Nature in Visual Culture. p.5 INTERVIEWEE: CARY WOLFE. INTERVIEWER: GIOVANNI ALOI Since the very beginning, rethinking human/animal relations has entailed reconsidering epistemology, ontology, and ethics. Along the way, on this ambitious journey, contemporary art has constantly provided invaluable opportunities to push disciplinary boundaries and test philosophical notions to breaking point. Twenty years later, so much has happened in animal-studies and much more has changed in contemporary art and philosophical. ISSUE 38 – WINTER 2016 ISSN 1756-9575

Houston Cinema Arts Festival, Houston, Texas Roadside Kestrel and Mountain Pine Beetle (with Deke Weaver):

UVP: Urban Video Project, I.M PEI Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY.  Between Species Panel Three Videos by  Maria Whiteman

MoW: Museum of Walking, Tempe, Arizona :

MoW: Macpherson, Memories of a Naturalist, Verb News, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, June 2013.